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The Future is Here with our Insulation Tape

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The Future is Here with our Insulation Tape Southeast Windows Ltd; Quality Double Glazing and Tape Technology.

Many companies specialising in Windows are proud to offer advanced Energy Rated Windows that can achieve A, A+ and A++ triple glazing, with doors with a U-value of at least 1.6w/mk2. When heat encounters these energy-rated windows and doors, it will always seek the fastest exit, typically the 10mm to 15mm expansion gap required around the window after installation. This gap is usually left empty or filled with foam that is rodded into position and sealed with silicone. Another option is to inject insulation foam to fill the void, cutting back any excess before sealing with a silicone trim. This is the traditional way of installing windows and has been the standard practice for many years.

When the frame perimeter is sealed in the traditional way, heat loss occurs from the edge seal. This results in an approximate U-value of 2.8 w/m k and minimal Soundproof levels as low as 10 decibels. As a result, the overall U-value for the window location decreases.

Unfortunately, as desirable as this might sound, none of these solutions creates a measurable, long-term, high-performance thermal, acoustic or airtight barrier – the installed window's U-Value is reduced, leading to heat escape and, ultimately, financial loss.

It's illogical to promote top-notch windows and doors only to have them let down by inadequate perimeter sealing.

Energy Efficient Insulation Tape.
Iso-Bloco-One is a high-performance joint-sealing foam tape that can install and seal windows quickly and effectively.
o Enables windows to be installed from inside the building during construction without expensive Scaffolding systems.
o It can be applied in any weather.
o The self-adhesive expanding tape provides a 3-in-1 multi-function 'fit and forget solution.
o The external seal area provides weather resistance and breathability.
o The intermediate seal area provides extra thermal and acoustic properties.
o The internal seal provides air tightness and humidity regulation.
o Impermeable to wind driving rain 1050 Pa
o An internal airtight seal ensures less than 0.1 cubic metres of air loss even when tested at a 1,000 Pa pressure difference.
o It provides a U-value of 0.55 and reduces sound up to 56db in a 10mm joint. It is best for Sound-proofing Pilkington Optiphon™ Glass Units.
o Suitable for passive energy houses and complies with EnEV requirements.

No Silicone or Trim, Our Tapes Keep the Heat In. It’s a complete game-changer for the Window industry and a huge step forward at further increasing your home's Energy Efficiency with this all-in-one insulation tape.

The insulation tape Expands from 2mm to 12mm, following the brick walls' contours and enhancing the insulation for energy-rated windows. The tape's thermal efficiency often gives the joints between the window and the existing wall a better U-value than the window itself.

This product is specifically designed for the UK market to improve the installation of energy-rated windows and doors with A, A+, and A++ ratings. The tape's thermal efficiency provides better U-values for the joints between the frame and the existing wall than the windows themselves. Using this product will help you save money in the long run by reducing energy bills. It also improves your living conditions and eliminates drafts from windows during the cold winter months.

Although it may seem like a small innovation, its benefits to improving your home are significant. This new technology eliminates dodgy silicon lines and does so with great power. Additionally, there is no need for external scaffolding, which saves both time and money during installation while ensuring that the outer perimeter is properly sealed.

So why not call us today to see how we can help to give you the most modern Energy Efficient Windows for complete home comfort

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Customer Reviews
David Strange | London
Really great job done by Peter and his team. They replaced all the windows in our 3rd floor flat, quickly and matching the old design exactly. Peter provided very helpful advice as to which type would be best for our needs (we went for double glazing with extra accoustic glass) and he also gave us a full break down of the pricing etc. Not at all pushy, just a decent window fitter who did a very professional job. We have already recommended them to all our neighbours and I would highly recommend South East windows to anyone.

Paula Adams | London
Can't tell you how happy I am. Peter fitted french doors and side panels last month for me. Great service from first visit for quotation to completion of work. Straight forward no nonsense, what you see is what you get! Peter worked tirelessly and the level of workmanship was second to none! The doors look fantastic and the finish is perfect! Thank you so much Peter. I will definitely be back for the windows very soon. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Great quality, workmanship and price!

Zaf K | London
High recommendations for Southeast Windows. Roy was a pleasure to deal with and was always happy to assist with his extensive experience in the industry which really shows though. Would definitely recommend Southeast Windows to all friends, colleagues and family. Roy done an excellent and professional job with no pushy sales and great aftercare along with honest and upfront advice and assistance- what else can you ask for? Thanks again.

Terry March | London
Very happy with Roy and his team who fitted a front door, patio doors and windows throughout the house. All great quality and a lovely finish. Would highly recommend this company from the very first visit to the end result they were very professional and left no mess.

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